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In preparation for the 2018 July/August period, EQI Study Tours would like to convey the information below to assist with planning and preparation.

Booking Deadline
Please find attached the official letter outlining the booking deadline for 2018 July/August Study Tour groups. Please note that this relates to Study Tour programs, day/school visits will be considered separately at the time of enquiry. Also attached is a copy of the 2018 calendar for your reference and planning.

Booking Requests Received After Deadline
Please note that Study Tour booking requests received after the 6th April 2018 deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis. EQI will seek interest from host schools for a maximum period of five (5) business days. If EQI is unsuccessful in securing interest from a host school within the five (5) day period, the booking request will be declined. Please note that EQI cannot guarantee requests for specific host schools or regions, we will endeavour to meet requests where possible however this may not always be achievable.  

Circulation of Information
I strongly encourage your organisation to convey the attached information to your business partners and Japanese schools to ensure bookings are received as early as possible. EQI appreciates that the Japanese financial and academic year commences in April however it’s imperative that we work collaboratively to avoid disappointment and provide host schools with adequate preparation time.

Thank you for your ongoing support of EQI Study Tours, my team and I look forward to working with you again in 2018 and welcoming students to Queensland.

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